Dakota 0800-2ND

Dakota 0800-2ND

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While this Dakota retriever will have small cosmetic blemishes its internal mechanisms and construction are as new. This Dakota is proudly covered by our same 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, our Limited Lifetime Warranty, and the same love as is any of our new Dakotas.  It is perfect for single jet skis, dinghys, small fishing boats, large kayaks, or any other lightweight watercraft.  The Dakota 800 is designed to retrieve these size/class boats smoothly and effieciently in normal environmental conditions. Dakota offers every boater safety, convenience, and confidence at the boat ramp. See Product Info below for sizing considerations.  NOTE: ALL MOUNTING ADAPTERS/OPTIONS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.


    Each Dakota Boat Retriever weighs, measures, and functions essentially the same - the difference being in the "pull strength" of each model.  The strength you'll need is the combination of the weight of your boat, the "above the water" profile of your boat, and the usual environmental conditions (wind speeds and water currents) where you launch.  Each model can retrieve its suggested boat size against water currents up to 4mph or gusting winds up to 15 mph.  If your normal environment exceeds either of these two conditions you should consider going to the next strongest Dakota model. Reference the pictures for each Dakota model for suggested sizing.  We strongly advise using our Lookup Tool to match the Dakota that's right for you.  Note: All mounting adapters and/or other parts are sold separately.


    51 Enterprises offers a 60 day trial of your Dakota.  We honor a "no questions asked" 100% money back refund gaurantee if you are not completely satisfied.  51 Enterprises also offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty thereafter.  Details of the product warranty can be found on this website.


    All orders will be processed and shipped within 1 full business day of placement.  Holidays and/or product availability may cause this to vary.  Please leave accurate contact information when entering your order.  51 Enterprises asks the buyer to fully inspect the product(s) upon delivery and notify us of any damages related to shipping.