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"I recently used my Dakota for the first time  and it worked perfectly.  I was completely confident that my boat was going to be awaiting me after I parked my truck.  Dakota's Straight-Line Launching is the only way to self-launch a boat with complete safety and confidence.  This product is not some  light weight gimmick.  When you hold it you can tell it's built to last a lifetime.  If you're reading this and can't make a final decision let me help you... BUY THIS PRODUCT!"

Bill - Melissa, TX

Completed my first launch using Dakota's Straight-Line technology in 20mph winds. The device had no issue pulling my boat to the dock. Love the the design...wish I had found this earlier!  Launching is a piece of cake! It was also funny to see people's reactions to my boat skimming along with no one aboard.  Thank you Dakota!

Rebel - Del City, OK

"Straight-Line Launching with Dakota is ideal - regardless of who your with. It is so easy to use, and it works every time. I'm using it on an 19' River Runner boat - which can be heavy for a single fisherman. I fish a lot with my grand-kids."

Ben - Alberton, MT

"I use two (2) Dakota's to launch and parallel park my 26' pontoon boat at the dock.  One in the front & one in the back - it works PERFECTLY!  People watch me with curiosity and are always amazed!"

Richard - Belevidere, IL

"...we love being on the water and I bought a Dakota for my boyfriend because of what we 'go through' at the launch ramp.   HE JUST LOVES IT!  And I do too.  ;)  Plus, the Customer Service at 51 Enterprises is fantastic!"

Lisa - Farmington Hills, MI

"I have a 22 foot Stratos bass boat and love the Dakota! Anyone who self-launches knows the launching dance. Climb on the tire, shimmy to the bumper, and scale the trailer to climb on the boat at a shallow ramp. This can be daunting and dangerous especially in cold water. With Dakota, it's as simple as hook and go.  I've used my Dakota over a 100 times and it still looks and performs like new.  Get ready...this thing will spoil you!"

Luke - Knoxville, TN

David - Powell, TN - Discusses the use of his Dakota

"Straight-line launching with Dakota Boat Retriever makes life easier on you and the people waiting on you. Hook it to the dock, back your boat in the water, and go park. Your boat is there waiting for you.  What used to take a while now takes seconds."

Bob Hodge - National Sportsman Writer

"I fish 2 to 3 times per week by myself.  I use my Dakota every time and IT JUST WORKS PERFECTLY!  This thing works smooth as butter!  I'll never go back to a limp rope."

Harley - Madison, GA

"I just used Dakota and Straight-Line Launching for 1st time and it worked very, very well. This is a good product...actually it's an excellent product! Very well built. Durable. I was impressed by the quality of workmanship."

Michael - Bend, OR

"Works perfectly! But here's the thing, I've had multiple follow-up calls from Dakota staff to see if everything is working okay. Great people work for this company and deliver the greatest after-sell service I've ever experienced!! I will recommend this company and product to all my fishing buddies!"

Rick - Marshfield, MO

"I've only used my Dakota just 5 times now and as far as I'm concerned IT'S ALREADY PAID FOR ITSELF!  Simply an amazing tool.  Straight-Line Launching, EASILY 5-Stars!"

Don - Seymour, TN

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