Boating's Most Innovative New Product

in 50 Years!

Dakota Boat Retriever - Top Product in 50 Years!

Dakota Boat Retriever's patented technology (U.S. Patent No. 10,589,956) has forever defined the Straight-Line Launching method (i.e. no more limp and tangled ropes).  Dakota was born from the experience of having high expectations for a fun day on the water turn to frustration - even disaster - at the launch ramp.  Those unpredictable launch ramps are notorious for ruining boat outings before they begin.  It's where no two days are the same, new boaters are mixing with experienced boaters, etiquette is expected but not defined, and where frustrations can run high.  When you think about it, it's mind-boggling the exposure to injury (both to person & property) boaters experience at a boat ramp after all the TIME, all the ENERGY, and all the MONEY they've invested for a pleasurable day on the water.  But now there is a way to alleviate the dangers, inconveniences, and wet clothes at the ramp.  Now there is Dakota Boat Retriever!

For most new products there exists a defined market category.  Boat motors, boat trailers, life preservers, anchors, fenders/bumpers, fishing rod & reels, skis, ropes, etc. - they all have existing market categories.  But not for Dakota.  The Dakota Boat Retriever is defining a brand new marine market category, and one that is long overdue!   Dakota is the first device that provides a hands-free automation to launching your boat.  Dakota nearly eliminates all the associated dangers and risks of injury at the launch ramp.  If you own a boat, pontoon, or jet ski - welcome to the 21st century of boating!  

"Safe for people and safe for boats."  "So easy. Where has this been?"  "Quick. Easy. Simple."  "I'll never go back to the way I used to Iaunch."  "No more climbing, jumping, or getting wet launching my boat."  These quotes are common for boaters who are experiencing the newest way to launch ANY BOAT at ANY RAMP.  Their Dakota works for them every time.  And like all well built "quality first" products, Dakota has been engineered for a lifetime of use.

Dakota Boat Retriever is designed, manufactured, and proudly made in the USA by 51 Enterprises.  We are based in Knoxville, TN and are committed to building high quality, high value solutions for boaters.

Sales & Marketing

Dakota Boat Retriever is the first product of its kind for boaters.  The conventional way for new products to "go to market" are to build huge inventories that get distributed through national big box stores.  But, with Dakota Boat Retriever being a true 21st century invention we have chosen to "launch" it through the greatest 21st century marketing channel - the internet.  By making Dakota available through our own website (in addition to Amazon),  we can offer deep discounts to every boater and eliminate the buyer from paying for heavy sales and marketing costs.  In addition, this allows us to fulfill every order with our 5-Star personalized customer service.

3 things to remember when purchasing a Dakota Boat Retriever:

1) You'll have zero financial risk.  Every Dakota Boat Retriever comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back 100% - period.   We're confident when you fully experience using a Dakota that you'll love it.

2) Every product has a value proposition.  That's basically the price you pay weighed against the "value" you receive.  Dakota's value of reducing the boat launching process to something so simple a child could do it, PLUS eliminating nearly all the associated hazards (over a lifetime of boating) is incredible.  Again, we're confident when you experience a Dakota for yourself that you'll never want to go back to your old way of launching.

3) Quality is NEVER cheap.  While we constantly try to find ways to build our products with less cost, we will NEVER build a cheap product.  Cheap products are built to last a few times.  Quality products are built to last a lifetime.  Dakota Boat Retriever is a quality product.

Dakota Boat Retriever

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