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User Reviews

Dakota Boat Retrievers are being used throughout the US, Canada, and abroad.  Take the time the hear what these first time owners are saying about their experiences - in all weather conditions- with their Dakota Boat Retrievers.

*Video demonstrates a Dakota Model #1200L

-(2) RAM-D-254U Balls, and

-RAM-D-201U Medium Double Socket Arm

"The first time I used my Dakota with my fiberglass bass boat was with gusting winds up to 20mph. It had no issues pulling my boat to the dock. I love this device and the design, wish I had found Dakota earlier!  Every time I launch it's a piece of cake. It's funny to watch people's reactions to my boat skimming along with no one aboard.  Thank you Dakota!"

Rebel - Del City, OK

My son & I both own Dakota's.  We mostly fish Wisconsin waters, mainly Lake Winnebago and the Mississippi River. It's amazing how easy you can launch your boat and how effectively the boat is retrieved. We just finished our 2nd fishing season with zero issues with the Dakota Retriever.  It is extremely well built and the customer service is outstanding.

Bill - Saukville, WI

I got my Dakota mounted and have taken it out multiple times now.  I’m always with my young kids who can’t drive the boat (or SUV).  Dakota is incredible - an awesome invention for sure. We filmed this launch (on a cell phone) in fast moving currents on the Tennessee River.  Just watch and see!

Jason - Chattanooga, TN

*Video demonstrates a Dakota Model #1200H

-RAM-D-254U Ball;

-RAM-D-201U-C Short Double Socket Arm;

-RAM-D-271U-12 Rail Clamp Base

"I fish 2 to 3 times per week by myself.  I use my Dakota every time and it just works perfectly.  My Dakota works smooth as butter. Slick trailers and ramps are now a thing of the past for me."

Harley - Madison, GA

I use 2 Dakota's to launch and parallel park my 26' Tri-toon boat at the dock.  One in the front & one in the back - it works perfectly!  People watch me with curiosity and are always amazed!

Richard - Belevidere, IL

*Video demonstrates a Dakota Model #1000

-with Dakota 3/4" Pedestal Pin Adapter

-inserted in existing seat pedestal pole

"I just used Dakota for 1st time (and a friend film it).  Dakota worked just as advertised. This is an excellent product! Very well built. Solid. I am just as impressed by the quality of workmanship as I am the function."

Bill - Plano, TX

"The Dakota Boat Retriever makes life SO MUCH easier on you to launch your boat. Just hook it to the dock, back your boat in the water, and go park. Your boat is there waiting for you.  What used to take lots of time now takes seconds."

Bob Hodge - National Sportsman Writer

"I have a 22 foot Stratos bass boat and love my Dakota! Anyone who self-launches knows the launching dance - climb up on the tire, shimmy to the bumper, balance on the trailer tongue, and the climb in the boat. This can be daunting and dangerous especially in cold water. With Dakota, it's as simple as hook and go.  I've used my Dakota over a 100 times and it still looks and performs like new.  Get ready...this thing will spoil you!"

Luke - Knoxville, TN

"I recently used my Dakota for the first time  and it worked perfectly.  I was completely confident that my boat was going to be awaiting me after I parked my truck.  Dakota's launching method is the only way to self-launch a boat with complete safety and confidence.  This product is not some  light weight gimmick.  When you hold it you can tell it's built to last a lifetime.  Trust me, BUY THIS PRODUCT, you won't regret it."

Rick - Marshfield, MO

"Works perfectly! But here's the thing, I've had multiple follow-up calls from Dakota staff to see if everything is working okay. Great people work for this company and deliver the greatest after-sell service I've ever experienced! I will recommend this company and product to all my fishing buddies!"

Pat - Orlando, FL

My Dakota works great. I fish alone quite often these days and it makes launching a breeze. I have the pedestal adapter for the bow and the Scotty adapter when securing my boat midship to the dock. It does exactly what the videos show!  And no, I'm not sponsored by them.  ;)

Brett, North Hampton, NH

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