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Dakota Jet Ski Harness

Dakota Jet Ski Harness


The Dakota Jet Ski Harness Kit is the perfect accessory when launching 2 jet skis.  Simply loop the handlebar strap around both jet ski handlebars; attach opposite ends of the carabiner harness to each jet ski's tow ring (extends up to 5 feet); then connect Dakota to the harness rope.  You're ready to launch...handsfree!  See Product Info below for more information.


    The Dakota Jet Ski Harness Kit is the perfect accessory when launching double jet skis. 

    Included in kit:

    (1) 6 foot (loop) handlebar bungee strap  (used to loop around both jet ski handlebars)

    (1) 5 foot carabiner harness  (used to attach to each jet ski's tow ring)

    (3) Dakota carabiners

    Now you're ready to launch...handsfree!  No more wading in waist deep water.  No more launching each jet ski seperately.  No more blocking the ramp on busy days while lots of other boaters wait on you.  This is the EASIEST, SAFEST, & QUICKEST way to to get your jet skis on the water!

    WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how Dakota & the Jet Ski Harness Kit can work for you!


    51 Enterprises offers a 60 day trial of your Dakota.  We honor a "no questions asked" 100% money back refund gaurantee if you are not completely satisfied.  51 Enterprises also offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty thereafter.  Details of the product warranty can be found on this website.


    All orders will be processed and shipped within 1 full business day of placement.  Holidays and/or product availability may cause this to vary.  Please leave accurate contact information when entering your order.  51 Enterprises asks the buyer to fully inspect the product(s) upon delivery and notify us of any damages related to shipping.  

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