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Ever launch a boat by yourself?


With a Dakota there is:

  • No more getting in & out of your vehicle multiple times

  • No more blocking the boat ramp while you move your boat or trailer

  • No more problems from tangled ropes launching your boat

  • No more putting yourself at risk of injury

  • No more jumping, climbing, balancing or bracing yourself on your vehicle or boat trailer

  • No more wet feet or wet clothes

  • No more slipping/falling on slick, wet, and dangerous ramps


"Protects me. Protects my boat.
Truly a revolutionary boat launch device!"


Explore mounting options

Dakota Boat Retrievers 

Which model is best for your boat?  Use our handy lookup tool.


Which Dakota Is Right For My Boat?

Get your Dakota in 3 Easy Steps




Find the right Dakota for your boat with our Lookup Tool.

Choose the mounting system/adapter that best fits your boat. 

Checkout and enjoy

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Lifetime Limited


Every Dakota sold comes with our manufacturer-backed Lifetime Limited Warranty - one of the strongest in the industry.  All of our products are manufactured with excellence and uncompromising quality control. In addition, we offer a 60 Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.  Giving you the ultimate peace-of-mind to help make your buying decision easier.


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How It Works

Dakota gently retrieves your boat from the trailer to the dock (or other anchor point) while you park your vehicle.  Super convenient.  Ultra safe.

User Reviews

“This Dakota is for real - I LOVE IT! I just connect my Dakota, float my boat off the trailer, and go park my truck - I don't even look back! Dakota has my boat waiting for me at the dock or bank. Onlookers are amazed! NO MORE need for climbing, jumping, balancing, or wet feet. Why risk injury just to launch a boat?” 

—  Jimmy, Hot Springs, AR

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